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Okay, why is it right when I try to get into a fandom the fans immediately do something to turn me off from it? All I wanted to do was get into Attack on Titan, and instead I get a bunch of teenagers using their raging passion for something as a bat to beat the shit out of the everything else that other people love. 

Im im talking about the current hate that the AoT community is dumping on Toho Studios and the Godzilla franchise alongside everything else in the Kaiju genre. What started out as me finding some Godzilla-Attack on Titan crossover art turned into a nightmare. I thought I had found a nice friendly mix interests from people versed on both series. Instead I find a bunch of assholes looking for ever excuse they can find to kill Godzilla and every other Kaiju in existence because "AoT is better! Godzilla movies suck!" What the hell!? I see forum arguements, flame wars on here and YouTube all devoted to nothing but rip on everything ever made by Toho because this new series that came into the mainstream 

I've seen people well versed on the Godzilla franchise try to counter argue and say why Godzilla is stronger , bigger, and more than likely to be too much for the Titans and hunters to handle, the fanboys explode with bullshit comebacks like  "Godzilla is overpowered and needs to be leveled down!" "Well Toho only makes shitty OP monsters!" "Kaiju are fucking stupid! Humans could climb them and cut them deep enough to kill them!" Just shut up! If you can't take information from a primary source maturely on the subject, then don't bother with it! If you aren't going to accept what people have to say about Godzilla that legitimately counters your arguement for AoT then don't just retort it by saying that the other series is shit. This is worse than the fucking rage about Goku vs Superman outcome. All these fucking teenagers using their fandom as the actual basis for arguement making whoever or whatever it is you like stronger than they are then you're a fucking two year old. 

I'm going to try to continue through with Attack on Titan but I'm going to try to avoid the fans. I'd really hate to to quite so early but it makes it really hard to continue and enjoy a series when you know what the fans are like. I really don't know anymore. It could end up becoming like Durarara, FMA, One Piece, and most of these fucking slice of life series that have super rabid fans that use their fandom to rip on other ones. Someone prove me wrong on the fan base please because I'm really fucking tired of having things ruined by other people before it begins. 
  • Mood: Annoyed

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